About Us

Our Approach:

We don’t focus on calories, weight loss or expensive meal plans. What We do is track many forms of Bio-feedback & track measurements to verify the success of our true goal:¬†Perfect the blood & the body follows.

There are currently ten 21 Day modules in development. Meaning a 210 day program with eating pattern modifications every three weeks.

Concept: many, small positive changes over Time = Massive Progress

You continue what must seem minimal at the start to many added nutritional foods and habits by day 210. By then this system should have you feeling, looking and most importantly – able to medically prove your healthy transformation.

Bonding the Why with the How

This is about ever increasing obesity, pre-diabetes & type two diabetes in America but also the growing world population rapidly playing catch-up.

This program is what I followed for almost a year and continue daily without any tracking or intentional thought.

  • counting and increasing the number of superfoods¬†
  • doing the same for the colors of superfoods
  • ¬†tracking the increase in the number of servings of superfoods
  • it’s amazing impact on health and bloodwork numbers.

Next Steps…

The first module is made available to members of the website Free of charge. We ask that you go through at least three modules. This is meant to be a 210 day program, the longer you keep adding, growing and reinforcing positive eating habits the better your health will be.

This is done so people can give the system a try and see if it is something that would work for them. After the initial trial period members will be offered a deal for the rest of the program.

Superfood Addicts is determined to take out obesity, pre-diabetes & type two diabetes

Our Mission(s)

To enable individuals to make better choices regarding healthy eating.

To eliminate obesity, pre-diabetes & type two diabetes and have Fun doing it.

Robert Smith

Robert Smith, Creator of Superfood Addicts
Robert Smith, Creator of Superfood Addicts

Founder, Chief Creative Officer & Superfood Addict

I am an experiment, example, Superfood Addict and messenger. Superfood Addicts is here to help:

  • those dealing with “treatable” diabetes
  • people working on obesity concerns
  • are you closing on Fifty, not exactly happy with health?
  • Are you a roller coaster or yo-yo dieter?
  • Exercising and still can’t drop weight, inches?
  • health conscious wanting info
  • superfood enthusiasts!

I and Superfood Addicts show people they can change themselves by changing their diet, therefore improving their blood. Perfect the blood and the body follows.

In doing so, people can feel good about their health & themselves.

Robert’s most powerful capability is in his talent to troubleshoot problems. Bringing with him an A.S. Degree in Electronics, and college certificates in Business & Marketing. The combination of education, experience and personal drive make him a great leader. Robert’s knowledge of superfoods is evident in the results of his own bloodwork.