Why are Americans always hungry?

Robert Smith, Superfood Addicts


Do we as a group look underfed? I don’t think so. Is there not food all around us, everywhere, all the time?

The problem is that almost all of the choices we have before us are Bad choices. We consume mostly, if not exclusively foods that are “hollow”. They look okay, they taste like the other overly salty items we constantly consume, they even lie to us about being nutritious and good for us.

The truth is just because a food has a hint of a nutritional quality does not mean the food as a whole should be accepted as beneficial. Example: A frozen dinner boasts of 30 grams of protein but fails to inform with the same energy that it has 40 grams of fat, 1,230 milligrams of sodium and a list of ingredients that requires a Phd. in Food Science Chemistry to understand it.

Most of the foods we eat keep the body on an unhealthy pattern of consuming something, the bodies reaction to all the sugar, salt, caffeine, blood spikes, blood drops are happening to us all day. We consume too much everytime we consume. The increases in obesity, pre-diabetes & type two diabetes are well documented.

Do you ever taste your food before reaching for the salt shaker?

Another truth is that we don’t really taste what we eat anymore, just varying levels of salt, sugar or both. We are so bombarded with excess sugar, salt, fat and poor nutritional quality foods that we, as a nation, are now the fattest people on the earth.

We have produce that was “produced” from GMO seeds. That’s Genetically Modified Organism, these allow food to be grown quicker and produce a bigger yield. Again, the foods look good but are not equal in nutrition to their organic counterparts.

Not only does it not need to be that way…We have to change how and what we eat.

What we consume can make us vibrant & healthy, Or it can slowly kill us.  

If you are interested in being healthier become a superfood addict.

If you are overweight become a superfood addict.

If you are dealing with pre-diabetes or type two diabetes become a superfood addict.

How to use the posts

How to use the posts

To start the program, please view the first round of posts. These provide a description of Superfood Addicts, what, why & how we will begin changing ourselves for better health.

After the introductory part of the program we will get a post a day for the duration of the program. The posts will involve a superfood or subject and will be tied in with media of some form.

The posts and the website are designed for minimal time investment (3-5 min. daily) with maximum results over time.

Information within the posts include:

  • nutrient breakdown
  • important terms, aka OCMPWOTP
  • gylcemic index/impact aka the sugarometer
  • image
  • additional notes
  • whether or not organic is advised
  • silly article to drop your guard & get you interested
  • either a quote or positive message

A rating system is also in place and we would appreciate your feedback on your overall opinion of the post.


Intro to Superfood Addicts

Intro to Superfood Addicts

What are Superfood Addicts?

Intelligent people with a serious concern about being healthy & show this by dramatically changing the way & what they eat.

We do this very gradually, it took awhile for us to get where we are. We do this transition slowly so you & your body have time to adjust.

There were only 14 Superfoods originally, now over 200.

Original 14 :

  1. Beans
  2. Blueberries
  3. Broccoli
  4. Oats
  5. Oranges
  6. Pumpkin
  7. Salmon
  8. Soy
  9. Spinach
  10. Tea
  11. Tomatoes
  12. Turkey
  13. Walnuts
  14. Yogurt

How many servings of these do you consume daily, weekly?

Over time we will increase our intake of super foods on a daily basis. This means more vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds, lean meats, spices & clean water.

We are born perfect, in most situations.

If you had a Lamborghini and decided to save a few bucks and filled up with economy grade fuel, your machine would begin having problems and eventually shut down.

We are the same, yet too many of us load up on the economy grade – All You can Eat!, Buffet!, Two meals for one!, Would YOU like to Gigantamunda that order?!

Making America Number One again, in Obesity & Diabetes.

Like the high end sports car, We need top fuel!  Not nutritional economy grade foods.

 We need nutrient rich, low calorie foods. Not extra empty carbs & sugars. We want lean proteins, complex carbs, vitamins & minerals. Not yet more hidden sugar.

Once You embrace your addiction, your body will begin a nutritional overhaul. What we call a Nutrimorphasis.

You & your body experiencing the benefits of eating more healthy than you ever have. It will be challenging at times but you will grow your decision making muscles as you go.

We have been slowly making ourselves sick, there is time. Now, We will slowly begin making ourselves healthy.

Lastly, don’t go it alone – Take someone with You. Do have a Partner in Health.


A Tale of Two Choices

                                 A Tale of Two Choices

It was the best of foods, it was the worst of foods, it was the age of nutritional wisdom, it was the age of fast foods, it was the epoch of SFA (superfood addicts), it was the epoch of MAD (modern American diet), it was the season of lean, it was the season of decadence, it was the spring of growing health, it was the winter of declining health, we had every option before us, we had nothing to lose, we are going direct to health, or we are going the other way…

At every moment we are confronted with choices in every area of life, what we decide at the point of now does not end there yet only begins, it carries through for a long time and will bring about good or bad things as a result.

Here and now, we are focused on the food intake and optimal health.

Choice: Do we have bacon, toast, fried eggs & OJ, or go with oats (real-not instant), blueberries, cinnamon, honey and some nuts?

Choice: Do we have a standard, popular soft drink one or more times daily? Or, do we one time daily swap a sparkling flavored water in it’s place, what could this minimal action accomplish?

Choice: Do we go with any of the fast food options available for dinner or do we make an at home dinner that better meets our growing interest in our own health and welfare?

What type of difference do small, insignificant choices make over time?

sparkling water                                                             popular soft drink
calories                               zero                                                                     140
carbs/SUGAR                    zero                                                                  39g
sodium                               15 mg                                                             45mg
difference over 1 week, 1 month…one year, with just one change.

Daily soda-
Calories (daily=140, weekly=980, monthly=4,340, annual=51,100)
Carbs/SUGAR (D=39 g, W=273 g, M=1,209 g, A=14,235 g)
Sodium (D=45 mg, W=315 mg, M=1,395 mg, A=16,425 mg)

Sparkling water/seltzer-
Calories (D=0, W=0, M=0. A=0)
Carbs/SUGAR (D=0, W=0, M=0, A=0)
Sodium (D=15 mg, W=105 mg, M=465 mg, A=5,475 mg)

What does it take to burn 51 thousand calories that could simply be avoided?

Let’s add a snack with our beverage, just one little choice.
Potato chips  (31.8 g)                                                   popcorn    (36 g)
 (American classic – greasy & salty)                (microwave/airpop)

Daily/Year                                                                      Daily/Year
calories                  180/65,700                                  110/ 40,150

carbs                       17 g/6,205 g                                 26 g /9,490 g
fiber                         1 g/365 g                                        7 g/ 2,555 g
sodium        190 mg/69,350 mg                              zero/zero
protein                    2 g/ 730 g                                    4 g/ 1,460 g

And the other two choices…?
​…become a superfood addict and find out.
Okay, it was hopefully obvious that the second choice for #1 and #3 was the only choice. Hey! The popcorn has more carb’s?! Yes but with the far superior levels of sodium, protein and specifically – fiber make this choice very obvious.

superfoods to add to the shopping list   

  •  Vegetables & Legumes – broccoli, sweet potatoes, asparagus, carrots, green beans, all beans, most are good choices without sauces, cheese or creams.
  • Leafy greens – spinach, lettuce, kale or power greens, again without all the add on salad killers – cheese, croutons, dressing, etc.
  • Nuts and seeds – raw and unsalted walnuts & almonds in particular but most nuts fitting this criteria are options. Freshly ground flaxseed (linseed) IS A MUST FOR EVERYONE!
    Other highly nutritious seeds will come into play.
  • Fruits – apples, pomegranates, kiwi, peaches, pears, most fruits as is, if some are known blood glucose problems avoid those.
  • Berries – black, rasp, straw and especially blue!​
  • Herbs & Spices – garlic, thyme, oregano, sage, turmeric, cinnamon
  • Grains – oats, quinoa, bran, wild rice
  • Beverages – water, tea –  green, black, herbal

During the time between that particular office visit and the official launch of this website, I have covered much material and spoken with many people. What is on this website worked very well for myself, I have dropped from 190 lbs. and have maintained the window of 135 to 140 lbs. for almost five years, bloodwork looks great.

I thought maybe what has worked so well for myself might be useful to others facing similar situations.

The purpose, goal and mission of this website: to help people establish better nutritional choices, to better enable individuals to not only control and deal with pre and type two diabetes but to defeat it and have fun doing it in a very personal and sometimes silly way.

The Garlic Father

Never discuss Family Business outside the Family. 

Now I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse, I offer you to frequently take in garlic, either in natural form or supplements.

Talk about a power cast, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Dianne Keaton, Robert Duvall, Abe Vigoda, Talia Shire and many others.

You don’t want to get involved with garlic? forget about it, I’m making garlic a part of your daily affairs. Now Do Your Job and add garlic in some form!

Do Your Job…somehow credited to a certain pro football team close to Boston.

Yet please note the dates involved between the coach’s rise and that of the movie “The Godfather” 1972.

Within 10 minutes of the opening – the Wedding – a mob captain is walking around with a wine jug and tells two henchmen to “walk around, Do Your Job”, Please Test us on this!

I had never tried garlic until one day adding a chunk into a power drink. Let me tell you…

You Have to REALLY Love Garlic to do this! It is all you smell, taste, experience, sorry after two tries back to gel-caps. Find a way to include garlic for your health.

Overly Complicated Multi-Polysyllabic Word Of The Post

 Thiacremone – One of the sulpher containing compounds in garlic, may assist the body in burning fat while reducing the accumulation of fat in fat cells. Garlic wards off Vampires, first dates & fat!

Garlic is High in: Manganese, Good source of: Vitamins B6, C, +’s numerous phytochemicals, Anti-cancer anti-oxidants, Anti-inflammatory.

Garlic is:

  • an herb
  • anti-microbial
  • anti-parisitic
  • anti-viral
  • can lower cholesterol & triglycerides
  • lipid lowering
  • anti-hypertensive
  • anti-blood coagulation
  • anti-thrombotic

May reduce the duration and frequency of common illnesses, may help to lower insulin & blood sugar levels while improving insulin sensitivity. Great for pre-diabetes & type two diabetics.

Movie: The Godfather



We got a right to start a little fight, BANANA!

Life on the biggest cattle empire in Nevada. A proud father along with three strong and able bodied sons. Overseeing the operations of the ranch along with trusted cook & friend – Hopsing.

The area this family owned was about ten percent of the entire state. Including tremendous frontage area on Lake Tahoe.

According to how the story unfolds, the three sons all had different mothers. All of which died during or shortly after giving birth…?

Strangely, ALL three of the sons had love interests, even talk & plans of Weddings…Only to have some form of tragedy befall the ladies.

Lesson of the story – Don’t marry or a Cartwright or Bad things will happen.

I don’t know what the deed to this massive property was but will wager the down payment was in the form of cashed in life insurance polocies. Talk about a Black Widower, future brides beware!

This reputation however did not deter other t.v. & movie actors from visiting, who you wonder? Try this list:

  • Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek)
  • Jonathan Harris (Lost in Space)
  • Ricardo Montalban (Fantasy Island)
  • Sally Kellerman (MASH)
  • Deforrest Kelly (Star Trek)
  • Adam West (Batman)
  • Burgess Meridesth (t.v./ROCKY)
  • Ceasar Romero (Batman)
  • John Astin (Addams Family)
  • Alan Hale Jr. (Gillingans Island)
  • Tina Louise (Gilligans Island)       
  • Dawn Wells (Gilligans Island)
  • Robert Vaughn (Man from UNCLE)           
  • Robert Stack (I Spy)
  • Ron Howard   (American Graffiti, Happy Days, Andy Griffith, Movie Director)
  • Ted Knight (Mary Tyler Moore)                   
  • Mike Farrell (MASH) 
  • Buddy Ebson (Beverly Hillbillies)                 
  • Robert Pine (Chips)
  • Wayne Newton (Vegas?)
  • Sebastion Cabot (Family Affair) 
  • William Schallert (Patty Duke)
  • Richard Thomas (The Waltons) & Randy Quaid (many T.V. & Film works) on the same episode.

Overly Complicated Multi-Polysyllabic Word Of The Post

Fructoogliosaccharides – this is what the millions of hard working, hungry, beneficial bacteria in your gut like to “feed” on, a favorite food. Bananas are an excellent source.

Near as I can tell this should be an unbelievable eight syllables long and is exactly why this section is so named. You know the lunchroom of some research facility plays host to a competition between scientists to see who can come up with the most difficult to say and spell words possible.

Bananas can be yellow, red or purple. The fruit is in the moderate glycemic load category. If they pose a known problem – skip them.

High in: vitamins B6, C and fiber, potassium & manganese; Good source: riboflavin, folate, magnesium and copper.

Serving 1 medium banana: calories 104, protein 1.3g, saturated fat 0, carbs 27g, total fat 3g.

(TV-Bonanza -This was a long running Western T.V. series (The First Western to broadcast in color) 1959 – 1973. )