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This is currently just a landing page for a future website, Thank You for your time and patience. Relax, have Fun!

  It is official, the approach known as Superfood Addicts is directly taking on what has become the Modern American Diet - which usually means Too much sugar, salt, calories, fats and carbohydrates at each meal or snack, all day, everyday.
Are You SUPER or are You MAD?!  

Declaration of MAD Independence

 When in the course of Healthful events, it becomes necessary for some people to dissolve the unhealthy bands which have connected them with another,  to consume the plants of the earth, to separate and qualify by the laws of nutrition and of healthy food, a self respect and new approach to seeing food differently that requires the separation from the Modern American Diet.  

  We the Superfood Addicts of the United States, in order to form a more perfect body, establish stable blood glucose, insure personal serenity, provide strong immunity for the common defence, promote Superior Health and secure the Blessings of Healthy Longevity to ourselves and our prosperity, do ordain and establish this Constitution.     
​We hold this truth to be self-evident:
That all foods are NOT created equal; That some are endowed by nature certain nutritional rights; these enhance life, liberty, and the pursuit and achievement of Healthfulness.  

Superfood Addicts is determined to take out pre-diabetes & type two diabetes

Our Mission(s)

To enable individuals to make better choices regarding healthy eating.

To eliminate pre-diabetes & type two diabetes and have Fun doing it.

This website is determined to be different from the dark, clinical, methods chosen by others, too much information, too long of a time on the website, too few lasting results.


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Temporary About Section

Eventually, the About page.

  The planning, research, experimentation and other efforts that led to what is now the website superfoodaddicts originated initially when my mother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was having a lot of trouble following considerably strict dietary guidelines. I was simply trying to help her. Fuel to the Fire; I have had many different Doctors say some interesting things to me at times, most of them working the emergency room.

 ​ Bob, you have....

 pneumonia in your left lung...I wondered why I couldn't breathe

 a frontal lobe concussion...that explains this headache

 four broken ribs...it only hurts when I laugh, only kidding, each breath is brutal

 you are just beyond the border of being pre-diabetic, be careful...


                                                                              A Tale of Two Choices

  It was the best of foods, it was the worst of foods, it was the age of nutritional wisdom, it was the age of fast foods, it was the epoch of SFA (SuperFood Addicts), it was the epoch of MAD (Modern American Diet), it was the season of lean, it was the season of decadence, it was the spring of growing health, it was the winter of declining health, we had every option before us, we had nothing to lose, we are going direct to health, or we are going the other way...

At every moment we are confronted with choices in every area of life, what we decide at the point of now does not end there yet only begins, it carries through for a long time and will bring about good or bad things as a result. Here and now, we are focused on the food intake and optimal health.

Choice: Do we have bacon, toast, fried eggs & OJ, or go with oats (real-not instant), blueberries, cinnamon, honey and some nuts?

Choice: Do we have a standard, popular soft drink one or more times daily? Or, do we one time daily swap a sparkling flavored water in it's place, what could this minimal action accomplish?

Choice: Do we go with any of the fast food options available for dinner or do we make an at home dinner that better meets our growing interest in our own health and welfare?

What type of difference do small, insignificant choices make over time?

sparkling water                                                                          popular soft drink
calories                               zero                                                                       140
carbs/SUGAR                    zero                                                                       39 g
sodium                               15 mg                                                                    45 mg                  

difference over 1 week, 1 month...one year, with just one change.
 Daily soda-
Calories (daily=140, weekly=980, monthly=4,340, annual=51,100)
Carbs/SUGAR (D=39 g, W=273 g, M=1,209 g, A=14,235 g)
Sodium (D=45 mg, W=315 mg, M=1,395 mg, A=16,425 mg)

Sparkling water/seltzer-    
Calories (D=0, W=0, M=0. A=0)        
Carbs/SUGAR (D=0, W=0, M=0, A=0)      
Sodium (D=15 mg, W=105 mg, M=465 mg, A=5,475 mg)                         

What does it take to burn 51 thousand calories that could simply be avoided?
Let's add a snack with our beverage, just one little choice.

Potato chips  (31.8 g)                                                   popcorn    (36 g)
 (American classic - greasy & salty)                  (microwave or air popped - plain)  
Daily/Year                                                                      Daily/Year                                                     
calories                  180/65,700                                  110/ 40,150                                                            

carbs                       17 g/6,205 g                                 26 g /9,490 g
fiber                         1 g/365 g                                      7 g/ 2,555 g                                                    
sodium        190 mg/69,350 mg                              zero/zero                                                              
protein                    2 g/ 730 g                                    4 g/ 1,460 g                                                             


And the other two choices...?

​.......................................become a superfood addict and find out.     
Okay, it was hopefully obvious that the second choice for #1 and #3 was the only choice. Hey! The popcorn has more carb's?! Yes but with the far superior levels of sodium, protein and specifically - fiber make this choice very obvious.                                                                                         

superfoods to add to the shopping list    
Vegetables - broccoli, sweet potatoes, asparagus, carrots, green beans, all beans, most are good choices without sauces, cheese or creams.

Leafy greens - spinach, lettuce, kale or power greens, again without all the add on salad killers - cheese, croutons, dressing, etc.

Nuts and seeds - raw and unsalted walnuts & almonds in particular but most nuts fitting this criteria are options. Freshly ground flaxseed (linseed) IS A MUST FOR EVERYONE!
Other highly nutritious seeds will come into play.

Fruits - apples, pomegranates, kiwi, peaches, pears, most fruits as is, if some are known blood glucose problems avoid those.

Berries - black, rasp, straw and especially blue!

Drink a lot of pure, clean water throughout the day.  


  During the time between that particular office visit and the official launch of this website, I have covered much material and spoken with many people. What is on this website worked very well for myself, I have dropped from 190 lbs. and have maintained the window of 135 to 140 lbs. for three years, bloodwork looks great.

I thought maybe what has worked so well for myself might be useful to others facing similar situations. The purpose, goal and mission of this website:to help people establish better nutritional choices, to better enable individuals to not only control and deal with pre and type two diabetes but to defeat it and have fun doing it in a very personal and sometimes silly way. 

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