Fix the Blood, Beat Diabetes, Feel Good Again

Superfood Addicts intro Video: Who, what, how, why & when

What is Superfood addicts? A website dedicated to educating individuals how to eat better and to get Americans eating healthier.

Who are Superfood Addicts? Intelligent people learning certain foods and health are very directly related. This group is targeting “treatable” diabetes.

I and Superfood Addicts show people they can change themselves by changing their diet, therefore improving their blood. Perfect the blood and the body follows.

In doing so, people can feel good about their health & themselves.

Also, bring your sense of humor, we’re going to have fun as we get healthy.

Superfood Addicts online course to accomplish this is known as:

Diabetes Destroyer – Blood Work Boot Camp

Who needs help?

  • Kids! Many of our youth has fallen prey to what use to only affect middle agers, both obesity & prediabetes
  • Those with pre or type two diabetes, still needing something
  • Those having weight or obesity issues
  • Gym rats unable to lose those last pounds & inches
  • Those curious about superfoods
  • Age Fifty Wake up call, does the following sound like you?

 Me,  50, snug 36 waist, 193 lbs.(obese), prediabetic and bad blood work. The triple whammy!    (Somebody get him a body bag!)

Before Superfoodaddicts, this is round two with pre-diabetes.
Before Superfoodaddicts, this is round two with pre-diabetes. Fall 2014

Not so fast, if ongoing bad habits got me into this, then increasing good habits over time can get me out.

From this to this.

Exploring Red Rocks park & ampitheatre, Sept. 19, 2018
Four years of Superfood Addicts. Exploring Red Rocks park & ampitheatre, Sept. 19, 2018

Our Enemy

Pre & Type two Diabetes is devastating America and the world.

The number of cases now & the percentage of the population affected compared to 100 years ago is way up there.

Also consider all the negative effects of many of the medications created to treat this issue. All the class action lawsuits.

A shorter life, blindness, kidney failure & amputation are not good options…

You can beat it.

How to Win

On this website we will learn, achieve results, study complicated terminology and Yes, have some fun. As far as the terminology here is a sample from a post:

Overly Complicated Multi-Polysyllabic Word Of The Post

Fructoogliosaccharides – this is what the billions of hard working, hungry, beneficial bacteria in your gut like to “feed” on, a favorite food. Bananas are an excellent source.

Tired of:

  • too much information
  • too much confusion
  • too long of a time on the website
  • too few lasting results


  • longer, healthier life
  • look & feel great
  • blood work numbers well in range
  • lower body weight & size
  • compliments from others
  • lasting results
  • less medical costs
  • a Doctor in amazement
  • a daily website visit you look forward to


Change is difficult OR Change is Autopilot, You choose.

“Let Food be thy Medicine”, – Hippocrates. Please follow this advice, it works.

Start Now

Eventually we all have to address our health, whether it be now-by making necessary changes, or later-after accepting obesity, diabetes and poor health, likely at the hands of a surgical team.

You will be amazed at what YOU can accomplish with the right set of tools.

We thank you for your interest in better health and will entice you to take action in taking control over it, rather than a victim to it.

Signing Up Is FREE, in time we will offer the Diabetes Destroyer: Blood Work Boot Camp program,  a paid membership is in development. There ARE NO CHARGES to Sign Up.

When you sign up, you will have:

  • The Superfood Addicts jump start package
  • access to other areas of the website
  • a substantial discount on the Diabetes Destoyer – Blood Work Boot Camp online course
  • an additional discount for up to five friends!