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SFA Declares WAR on MAD!

 Superfood Addicts is directly taking on what has now become the Modern American Diet or MAD. MAD means Too much sugar, salt, calories, fats and carbohydrates at each meal or snack, all day, everyday.

Are You SUPER or are You MAD?!  

Some statistics showing the difference between MAD & SFA.

When following a MAD method of eating: weight 193, triglycerides 296, HDL 72, LDL 73

Latest numbers after SFA thoroughly engaged: weight 138, triglycerides 101, HDL 105, LDL 59




Who is this website looking to help take control of their health by slowly getting the blood work numbers better than it has been in years maybe ever? All too many, the statistics from CDC & ADA show a high percentage of Americans are in bad shape medically – obesity, pre & type two diabetes has grown out of control in this country. Who needs help?

  • Kids! Many of our youth has fallen prey to what use to only affect middle agers, both obesity & prediabetes
  • Those with pre or type two diabetes, still needing something
  • Those having weight or obesity issues
  • Gym rats unable to lose those last pounds & inches
  • Those curious about superfoods
  • Age Fifty Wake up call, does the following sound like you?

 Me,  50, snug 36 waist, 193 lbs.(obese), prediabetic and bad blood work also. The triple whammy! (Somebody get him a body bag!)

Not so fast, if ongoing bad habits got me into this, then increasing good habits over time can get me out.

From this to this.

Before Superfoodaddicts, this is round two with pre-diabetes.
Before Superfoodaddicts, this is round two with pre-diabetes.
After Superfoodaddicts, 9/11/15
After Superfoodaddicts, 9/11/15  


On this website we will learn, achieve results, study complicated terminology and Yes, have some fun. As far as the terminology here is a sample from a post:

Overly Complicated Multi-Polysyllabic Word Of The Post

Fructoogliosaccharides – this is what the millions of hard working, hungry, beneficial bacteria in your gut like to “feed” on, a favorite food. Bananas are an excellent source.

This website is determined to be different from the dark, clinical, methods chosen by others.

Too much:

  •  information
  • too long of a time on the website
  • too few lasting results.


We learn and make progress, we also do it with a sense of humor, example:


Change is difficult OR Change is Autopilot, You choose.

We can continue along Our current path towards ever worsening Health in America.

Or We can make changes toward better Health.

As was quoted-“Let Food be thy Medicine”, – Hippocrates. Please follow this advice, it works.


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