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SFA Declares WAR on MAD!

 Superfood Addicts is directly taking on what has now become the Modern American Diet or MAD. MAD means Too much sugar, salt, calories, fats and carbohydrates at each meal or snack, all day, everyday.

Are You SUPER or are You MAD?!  

On this website we will learn, achieve results, study complicated terminology and Yes, have some fun. As far as the terminology here is a sample from a post:

Overly Complicated Multi-Polysyllabic Word Of The Post

Fructoogliosaccharides – this is what the millions of hard working, hungry, beneficial bacteria in your gut like to “feed” on, a favorite food. Bananas are an excellent source.

This website is determined to be different from the dark, clinical, methods chosen by others.

Too much:

  •  information
  • too long of a time on the website
  • too few lasting results.



Change is difficult OR Change is Autopilot, You choose.

We can continue along Our current path towards ever worsening Health in America.

Or We can make changes toward better Health.

As was quoted-“Let Food be thy Medicine”, – Hippocrates. Please follow this advice, it works.



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